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After having carried out a patrimonial assessment (state of the art of your current situation), your wealth manager establishes with you a strategy taking into account your investment capacities, your risk appetite, the taxation and the legal constraints of each investment. . It will thus be able to direct you towards investments adapted to your situation, whether they are financial (shares, bonds, life insurance, PEA ..) or real estate through the devices that suit your situation (Pinel, LMNP, Malraux, Monuments devices historical, land deficit, etc.) or choose more original solutions such as the purchase of works of art, antiques, metals or precious stones, the acquisition of a forest or a vineyard , or even film production.

With the latest developments in the markets and new finance laws, your wealth manager will adapt your portfolio and investments, explain the macro-economic situations justifying possible arbitrations and monitor the execution of orders placed on your behalf.

The qualities and skills of our wealth managers
  • Trust
  • Pedagogy
  • Technical, civil and tax jurisdiction
  • Rigor and organization
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